Three Sisters
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Three Sisters
November 19 - December 5, 1999
Salisbury Theatre
Produced by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Theatre Department.
By Anton Chekov
Stage Direction:
Anatoly Antohin
Scenic Designer: Kade Mendelowitz
Costume Designer: Tara Maginnins
Lighting Designer: Kade Mendelowitz
Sound Designer: Sean Bledsoe
Stage Manager: Rafaela Stacheter


Olga *Diana Williams
Masha Kate Koehler-Platten
Irena *Heather Maas
Andre Gavin McClure
Kuligin Micah Borer
Vershinin *Mike Karoly
Natasha Ann Turner
Baron *Chip Brookes
Solyony *Shannon Luster
Doctor (Chibutikan) Jeff Hedges

A play in 4 acts -

Production Crew

Stage Manager, Video Switcher / Camera
Rafaela Stacheter
Assistant Stage Manager *Tyler Brooks
Poster Photograph & Design, Playbill Kade Mendelowitz
Department Coordinator Jason Chapman
Ticket Sales Amber McKinney, Fawn Solimon
Sound Design Sean Bledsoe
Sound Board Operator *Eric Wyatt
Light Board Operator *Ben Thompson
Dramaturge / Video Switcher *Tracy Campbell
Videographers Kyle Erck, Rafaela Stacheter
Video Specialist Marie Mitchell
Video / Web Specialists Kyle Erck, Scott Kiefer, Richard Machida, Kade Mendelowitz, Marie Mitchell, Steve Smith
Technical Director Kade Mendelowitz
Assistant Technical Director Leighton Nunez
Crew Supervisors Jeff Forrest, *Kelley Stables
Set Crew & Electricians *Wes Carscaddon, Shannon Colburn, *Michael Karoly, Kate Koehler-Platten, Katherine Lewis, Gary Maynard, *Ben Thompson, *Eric Wyatt
Costume Shop Manager Lorraine Pettit
Dressers . Makeup Crew *Tiffany Guinn
Costume Construction *Kelley Stables
* Denotes Member of the SDA (Student Drama Association)

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