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No Exit
September 28-October 7, 2007

No Exit 4243
Above photo by Paula Daabach
. All others by Kade Mendelowitz.

No Exit

Written by:
Directed by:
Set and Lighting Designer:
Costume Designer:
Sound Desiugner:
Stage Manager:

The Valet:

Butoh Movement Ensemble:
(Huis Clos Performers)

Jean Paul Sartre
Ben Coffroth
Kade Mendelowitz
Paula Daabach
Matthew Krell
Andrew Cassell

Michael Shaeffer
Craig Brookes
Jenny Schlotfeldt
Anna Gagne-Hawes

Adam Gillette
Rhianna Johnson
Jasmine Johnson - Choreographer
Fiona Lundquist
Hadassah Nelson
Carrie Seward
Mollie Wilson

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