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    Sophocles' Oedipus Rex
    Directed by Anatoly Antohin
    Set design by Timaree McCormick
    Costumes by Tara Maginnis
    Lighting design by Kade Mendelowitz

    The cast stars
    Levi Ben-Israel as Oedipus
    By Valentine as Jocasta
    Ben Coffroth as Priest
    Jon-Kiefer Bowne as Teiresias
    Gerry Berman as 1st Messenger
    Jenny Schlotfeldt as 2nd Messenger
    Craig Brookes as Shepherd
    Jacqueline Stowman as Antigone
    The Chorus is led by Chip Brookes
    Ensemble members include
    Rachel Blackwell
    Brian Smart
    R.P. Staska
    June Thiele
    Molly Wilson

    Stage Manager Mandara Nott
    Assistant Stage Manager/ Dramaturgy Audrey Gibson
    Technical Director Kade Mendelowitz
    Scene Shop Manager/ Master Carpenter Leighton Nunez
    Set Construction Alex Antohin, Thomas Creek, Sarah Duncan, Tamar Geist, Matthew Krell, Timaree McCormick
    Master Electrician Tamar Geist
    Projection Design Timaree McCormick, Mandara Nott
    Projection Collaboration Students of Theatre Scene Design Class & Theatre Film & Stage Directing Class
    Conceptual Photographs (used by permission) Misha Gordin (www.bsimple.com)
    Projection Operations Audrey Gibson & Stephanie Stowman
    Lightboard/Soundboard Operator Alex Antohin
    Costume Shop Manager Lorraine Pettit
    Costume Construction Glynda Camp, Nikki Kloepfer, Ali Sattler, Karl Thompson, Advanced Topics in Costume Design Students
    Jewelry Design and Fabrication Lorraine Pettit
    Wardrobe Master Karl Thompson
    Dresser Stephanie Stowman
    Box Office Manager/ Department Coordinator/PR Maya Salganek
    Ticket Sales Martha-Marie Arias, Michele Harmeling, Kimberly Sherman

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    Oedipus Rex
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  • Topics for discussion - questions concerning the play
  • The Chorus - a common device in Greek Tragedy
  • Family Tree
  • Sophocles the playwright
  • Synopsis What the heck happens? I fell asleep!
  • Fate vs. Free Will
  • Glossary of Greek times, places, devices
  • Masks actors used masks in original Greek productions
  • Oedipus: Tragic Flaw
  • What makes Oedipus a Tragic Hero?
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