by Toni Press-Coffman
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March 29 - April 7, 2002
Salisbury Theatre
Produced by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Theatre Department.

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Kyle Kalke Michael Karoly
Bennie Locasto Charles Pierce
Serena Gwendolyn P. Brazier
Kathleen *Heather Maas
Production Crew
Stage Manager *Becky Olson
Scenic Designer Kade Mendelowitz
Technical Director Kade Mendelowitz
Assistant Technical Director, Moon Maker Leighton Nunez
Crew Supervisors, Margaret Bonnell, Zeke Daubney
Scenic Running Crew Christopher Geer
Costume Designer Tara Maginnis
Costume Shop Manager Lorraine Pettit
Costume Crew Erin Raymond, Stephanie Stowman, Carrie Seward
Dresser Jacob Flechsing
Lighting, Star and Moon Designer Kade Mendelowitz
Master Electrician, Chief Star Technician Margaret Bonnell
Electricians & Set Crew *Tamar Geist, Shannon Colburn,
Light Board Operator *Jennifer Garcia
Sound Designer Kade Mendelowitz
Sound Crew *Stephanie Stowman, *Matthew Krell, *Becky Olson, Anita Ashbaugh, John Wells, Jeremy Hoover, *Christine Burgess, Shannon Fett, *Tamar Geist
Sound Board Operator Brandon Fraiser
Department Coordinator & Box Office Manager Maya Salganek
Ticket Sales Dana, John, Kari Carney, Mary Bryant
Playbill, Poster Kade Mendelowitz
* Member, Student Drama Association
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