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Water Stealers
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Last updated: April 20, 2004

Water Stealers
Large screen premiere in the UAF Lee H. Salisbury Theatre Saturday, May 1, 2004 at 7:00pm. Additional viewings Sunday, May 2, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00.
Sneak Peek at Regal Cinemas Thursday, April 29th, 6:30 & 7:30pm.
..... When aliens are on their way to steal all of the Earth's water, the fate of the world lies in your hands! You choose the plan of counterattack and your team. A sci-fi adventure that mixes actors and animation in this locally created interactive DVD!
Concept & creation by Theatre UAF faculty designer Kade Mendelowitz
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    ..... The concept behind "Water Stealers" is simple: choices have consequences. Depending on which team members you choose to combat an alien threat to Earth, you may or may not be successful. And while your decisions lead to other, smaller, decisions; the larger situation remains the same. In this case; the threat is real and is getting closer.
    ..... The year is 2153. Earth's population has expanded beyond its ability to support the volume of human live. Five years ago 228 people inhabited another planet as part of project "Genesis 2". Their new home, Orius, has been the only other planet found that can sustain life - a thin atmosphere, rich soil and water were present. This group was preparing the planet for more humans to join them - to build a new society. Plans had been going according to schedule...until now.
    ..... Aliens come to Orius and pull all of the water off of the planet - killing everything on the surface. Now they are on their way to Earth. You are presented with a plan of counter-attack which requires the use of new, single-pilot crafts; but there are only 4 ships available. You see 6 pilots being trained for the mission. You choose the mission leader, and their wing pilots. Choose carefully - the world is counting on you for its very survival!
    ..... "Water Stealers" - produced & written by faculty designer Kade Mendelowitz. This science fiction adventure features live actors and computer animation in a piece of inter-tainment where you decide the fate of humanity!
    ..... This presentation is voluntarily rated PG - Parental Guidance Suggested. There is insinuated sex (no nudity) and non-graphic violence & death scenes. Questions? Call (907) 474-6590.
    ..... Tickets: $5 which may be applied toward the purchase of a DVD ($15).
    ..... For credit card ticket orders, please call: 907-474-7751
    ..... Tickets are available at the Theatre UAF box office (Great Hall on campus) Monday-Friday 12:00-5:30pm & two-hours prior to showtimes.

    DVDs available for purchase: $15
    There are two types of DVDs avaialble:
  • One for TV/DVD Players which features (3) scenarios and some computer-based special features!
  • One for Windows PC DVD-ROMs which features (10) scenarios and over 17 special features!
    Order one from the Theatre UAF Box Office today. 474-7751 for credit card orders.
  • The Cast:

    • VOICE OVER: Jon Ward
    • JANICE: Sarah Shaw
    • JONES: Cameron Harrison
    • BLAIR OTAHM: Phyllis Morrow
    • BLUE BALL MODEL: Breann Stoutenberg
    • COMPUTER VOICE: Sarah Phillips
    • KYLE SLEIGH: Charles Pierce
    • MIKE, TRACY, DALE: Brandon Seifert, Heather Reichenberg, "Bo" Anderson
    • KATRINA BILLINGSWORTH: Margaret Bonnell
    • JASMINE MINORAH: Jessica Knott
    • DAVID MINORAH: Matthew Knott
    • RACHEL MINORAH: Ella Knott
    • LUCINDA THORN: Rose Jensen
    • RILEY COHEN: Chip Brookes
    • JACK KINGLY: Telo Walden
    • GENERAL STRYKER: Matthew Krell
    • MOORE: Michael Scott
    • PRESIDENT: Maya Salganek
    • PATTY BENNETT: Christina Welch
    • MARGARET PADILLA: Liz Hardee
    • EXTRAS: Kurt Strodtbeck, Raven Harrell, Thomas Creek
    • ALIENS: Jeff Aldrich, Bo Anderson, Sarah Phillips

      Special Thanks:
      Tracie Coghill
      Rheba Dupras, UAF Rasmusun Library
      Ginger Hall, Stunt Driver
      Jerri Maxwell, UAF Wood Center Pub
      The May family
      Paul McCarthy, UAF Rasmusun Library
      Tanya Mendelowitz, everything
      Leighton Nunez, Scene Shop foreman / lead construction
      Michael Scott, UAF Center of Academic Technology

      Pilot outfits & Alien costumes & makeup designed by Tara Maginnis
      Pilot outfits & Alien costume assistant to the designer: Lorraine Pettit
      Alien makeup assistant to the designer: Anita Ashbaugh & Kate Billington

      Production Assistants:
      Thomas Creek, Vomit Comet & Asteroid training operator
      Kurt Strodtbeck, Pub crew assistant

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