HandbookThe Theatre program pursues four main objectives:

  • Preparation of students for teaching and professional careers in the theatre;
  • Courses and activities for those who enjoy theatre as a hobby.
  • Enrichment of the Fairbanks community through the presentation of dramatic and communicative arts.
  • Service by increasing the proficiency of the student in communication and appreciation of drama as an art and discipline.

Theatre UAF Mission Statement

Theatre UAF seeks to provide exemplary training in the Dramatic Arts, to contribute substantially and creatively to the advancement of the discipline of the Dramatic Arts, and to foster the vibrant cultural enhancement of the University community, Fairbanks, and the surrounding area. We aim to serve several overlapping constituencies within these communities, providing an interlocking web of education, artistic programming, research, resource, and service. We hold it axiomatic that the Dramatic Arts themselves serve a fundamental ritual and cultural human need—Theatre UAF will both strive to provide for that need and bring it within a formal frame for study, analysis, and ongoing development.

Table of Contents

This handbook compiled by Professor Kade Mendelowitz