Outstanding Film Major of the Year


Outstanding Film Major of the Year 2013-14

Nannette Pierson

Nannette Pierson

Nannette Noel Pierson was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and came to Fairbanks in 2004 to attend UAF as linguistics major. After a few semesters she realized that linguistics was not the degree for her, so she became a part-time student. In the spring of 2012 she decided to return to school full-time to pursue a Film BA. She says, “My first camera was a drop and load 110mm film camera. It was a gift from my great-grandparents when I was eight. I’ve been taking pictures to tell stories ever since…(studying) film seemed like a natural transition worth the investment.”

Nannette has been very active in the campus community, participating in events such as The Ethics Bowl, UAF Film Club’s Game Show and 48 Hour Film Challenge, and the Angry Young and Poor campus club.

After graduation this semester Nannette plans on working for film production companies that come through Fairbanks and will be available for hire for photography and cinematography work through her start-up business Tap Dancing for Dinner. Nannette says, “I would like to remind everyone it’s never too late to learn something new and that an investment in education can never be repossessed.”

Outstanding FILM Major of the Year 2013: Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon knew that he wanted to make films since he was seven, and he has been. Born in Homer and mostly raised in Soldotna, Aaron transferred to UAF upon hearing that the film major had become available. “I didn’t know what I didn’t know, but I sure wanted to find out… I am a hands on learner and I am constantly learning more and more just by being around people in my field …being here at UAF for me is a 24-hour learning experience.” While at UAF Aaron has worked on his own series called “GAME SHOW” as well as on the productions of The Messenger and countless other student film productions. His Youtube channel boasts 57 videos and has had over 100,000 views. Aaron works with both the weekly television series, “Fairbanks Focus” and KUAC-TV and is the President of the UAF Film club. “The single biggest difference I can see clearly between people who pass classes and those who don’t, is attendance. I simply don’t skip classes.” With an anticipated graduation in Winter 2013, Aaron isn’t looking too far ahead, “I know I’ll have plenty of opportunity once I graduate.” Congratulations Aaron for being the Outstanding Film Major of 2013!