Film Festival Submitted!

I’m pleased to share that the film festival version of “A Night for Conversation” is complete, and it’s been submitted to one festival.  Due to the recent budget cuts to the University of Alaska, this may be the only one.

A huge thank you to the dozens of people that helped make this happen.  Here’s a photo after our first day of shooting featuring most of the crew and a few actors!

The "A Night for Conversation" crew (and a few cast) members wrapping up the first day of shooting!
The “A Night for Conversation” crew (and a few cast) members wrapping up the first day of shooting!


Principal Photography is Finished

(Photo credit: Ian Borowski)

I don’t think any of us were totally confident we would get all 26 scenes and multiple camera set-ups completed and in-the-can by the end of the semester.

But thanks to our cast and crew of nearly 3 dozen talented individuals – and lots of extracurricular work that occurred outside of our scheduled class time – we made it!

We learned some new things, made some new friends and we’ll always have a piece of art that we each had a hand in creating.  Here’s a picture of Kelsey who (along with the other Kelsey) kept track of scene continuity and the script notes for each line of dialogue.  Script supervision was one of the many departments that worked on A Night for Conversation.

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