Poster for SKM

She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms

Review by the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

by Qui Nguyen
directed by Tom Robenolt

December 4-12, 2020
Was available for streaming after the purchase of a “viewing link”.

Narrator & Farrah the Fairy – Flyn Ludington
Tilly Evans – Emily Ross
Agnes Evans – Josie Adasiak 
Chuck – Luke Williams
Vera – Paloma Polanco
Miles – Jared Olin
Kaliope/Kelly – Melissa Buchta
Lilith/Lilly – Melia Hackney
Orcus/Ronnie – Charles Wolgemuth
The Great Mage Steve – Zachary Mason
Evil Tina – Miranda Reynolds
Evil Gabbi – Sarah Wallace
Director – Tom Robenolt
Producer/ Casting Associate: Carrie Baker
Scenographer & Animation/Visual Effects Designer – Kade Mendelowitz
Costume Designer – Amanda Casterline
Props Designer – Adam Gillette
Sound Designer – Flyn Ludington 
Video Editor- Kade Mendelowitz
Assistant Video Editors- Maya Salganek, Mahala Gale
Assistant Scenography – Maya Salganek  
Stage Manager – Mike Kampen 
Assistant Stage Managers – Steven Anderson, Jared Olin
Scene Shop Manager – Adam Gillette
Costume Shop Manager- Stephanie Rivet
Trailer for Theatre UAF’s production of She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms, edited by Mahala Gale.