A Midsummer Night’s Dream

By William Shakespeare.
Guest director Andrew Cassel.
March 23-April 8, 2018.

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The Course of True Love

The Athenians featuring (l-r) Ariana Polanco, Darren Napoli, Siri Tuttle, Rachel Blackwell, Michael Shaeffer, Brittany Bowling, Jared Olin and Elsbeth Cheyne

The Course of True Love
Theseus…Michael Shaeffer
Hippolita…Rachel Blackwell
Egeus…Siri Tuttle
Philostrate…Brittany Bowling
Hermia…Ariana Polanco
Demetrius…Jared Olin
Lysander…Darren Napoli
Helena…Elsbeth Cheyne

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The Players

The Players featuring (l-r) Lara Lotze, Alexander Gloger, Eric Heyne, Sam Thompson, Eugene Cole and Jessica Reed (sitting)

The Players
Peter Quince…Eric Heyne
Nick Bottom…Alexander Gloger
Francis Flute…Sam Thompson
Robin Starveling…Eugene Cole
Snug…Jess Reed
Snout…Lara Lotze
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Fairy Land

The Fairies featuring (Clockwise) Tim Sackett, Annabel Heyne, Brittany Bowling, Lily Larson, Audrey Fox and Kellie Bernstein.

Fairy Land
Puck…Annabel Heyne
Cobweb…Brittany Bowling
Mustard-seed…Tim Sackett
Pease-blossom…Audrey Fox
Oberon…Lily Larson
Titania…Kellie Bernstein

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Review by the News-Miner

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Director – Andrew Cassel
Producer/ Fight Choreographer – Carrie Baker
Set Design – Adam Gillette
Costume Design – Jay Howe
Lighting Design – Colby Freel
Sound Design – Chris George
Design Mentor & Publicity – Kade Mendelowitz
Stage Manager – Valerie Stilipec
Assistant Stage Manager – Natilly Hovda