The Winter’s Tale

 WTPoster5WebThe Winter’s Tale

by William Shakespeare
Directed by Stephan Golux
April 22 – May 1, 2011

Cast (in order of Appearance)
ARCHIDAMUS (Counselor to Polixenes) Daniel Thoman
CAMILLO (Counselor to Leontes) Chris Mertes
POLIXENES (King of Bohemia) Sambit Misra
LEONTES (King of Sicilia) Andrew Cassel
HERMIONE (Queen to Leontes) Hadassah Nelson
MAMILLIUS (Prince of Sicilia) Jason Chausse
SERVANTS (to Leontes) Melissa Buchta, Tiana Hanson
LADY (Attendant to Hermione) Becca Bieber
EMILIA (Attendant to Hermione) Codi Burk
SICILIAN LORDS Sam McKiernan, Thomas Petrie
ANTIGONUS (Counselor to Leontes) Pedro Lizardi
OFFICER Ryan Flaherty
PAULINA (Wife to Antigonus) Siri Tuttle
CLEOMENES (Sicilian Lord) Daniel Thoman
DION (Sicilian Lord) Dion Torres
MARINER Chris Mertes
CLOWN (Son of Shepherdess) Ryan Flaherty
TIME Becca Bieber
AUTOLYCUS (Bohemian Rogue) Melissa Buchta
FLORIZEL (Prince of Bohemia) Dion Torres
PERDITA (Beloved of Florizel) Grace McCarthy
MOPSA (Young Shepherdess) Becca Bieber
DORCAS (Young Shepherdess) Codi Burk
FESTIVAL GUESTS Thomas Petrie, Daniel Thoman
SERVANT (to the Shepherdess) Sam McKiernan
Director: Stephan Golux
Scenic & Lighting Designer: Rhi Johnson
Technical Director, Master Electrician, Props Master: Adam Gillette
Scene Shop Staff: Carl L. Sage
Carpentry Crew: Tom Creek, Eileen Gitter, Sambit Misra, Hadassah R. Nelson
Electrics Crew: Deirdre Adams, Becca A. Bieber, Rhi Johnson, Chris J. Mertes, Carl L. Sage
Vocal Coach: Carrie Baker
Costume & Makeup Designer, Choreographer: Bethany Marx
Costume Shop Manager: Jerene Mosier
Dresser: Ari Wattum
Costume Construction: Heather Curry, Heidi Konttinen, Lena LeRay, Grace McCarthy, Chris Mertes, Ari
Composers: Melissa Buchta, Ryan Flaherty
Dance Captain: Becca Bieber
Lightboard Operator: Nicki Karl
Stage Running Crew: Jeremy Cannone, Carl L. Sage
Stage Manager: Jason Ginter
Assistant Stage Manager: Sam German
Box Office Manager, Public Relations: Kim Eames
Box Office Staff: Heather Lynch
Poster Design & Production Advisor: Kade Mendelowitz
House Managers: Mallory Bishop, Laura Schlutt


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