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Written and directed by Kavelina Torres. 

The UAF Department of Theatre & Film invites the community to a live studio-audience filming of the TV pilot Tumyaraq-qaawritten and directed by Kavelina Torres, in the Lee H. Salisbury Lab Theatre from March 31st – April 2nd, 2023.

Produced by Theatre/Film UAF, with generous support from UAF’s Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development.


Seminar poster
Seminar Poster

a comedy by Theresa Rebeck
directed by Tom Robenolt
March 25 – April 10, 2022

The Cast:
Douglas-Kris Luddington
Kate-Sarah Williams
Izzy-Charlotte Gray
Martin-Charles Wolgemuth
Leonard-Bruce Hanson
ASM/Female understudy-Isabelle Nygren
ASM/Male understudy-August Cooper
Production Team:
Director – Tom Robenolt
Set & Lighting Design – Kade Mendelowitz
Costume Design – Stephanie Rivet
Sound Design – Adam Gillette
Props & Scene Shop Manager – Adam Gillette
Stage Manager – Steven Anderson
Producer – Kade Mendelowitz
Associate Producer & Casting Director – Carrie Baker
Box Office & Marketing – Tom Robenolt
Seminar review from the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Care to read the review?

Download the Playbill/Program here. 1.25mb pdf.

The Misanthrope production poster

The Misanthrope

Adapted by Timothy Mooney – Based on the play by Molière – Directed by Michael Shaeffer.

November 12-21, 2021

The Cast:
Alceste-Kris Luddington
Philinte-David Salado
Celimene-Riley Von Borstel
Eliante-Theresa Sherron
Arsinoe-Rachel Blackwell
Oronte-Eugene Cole
Clitandre-Sarah Williams
Acaste-Paloma Polanco
DuBois/Basque-Isabelle Nygren
The Guard-August Cooper
Production Team
Director – Michael Shaeffer
Set Design & Scene Shop Manager – Adam Gillette
Costume Design & Costume Shop Manager – Stephanie Rivet
Lighting Design – Kade Mendelowitz
Sound Design – Michael Shaeffer
Producer – Kade Mendelowitz
Stage Manager – Valeria Zamora

Pride & Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice production poster
Elizabeth “Lizzy” Bennet –  Isabelle Nygren
Fitzwilliam Darcy -Luke Williams
Jane Bennet – Riley von Borstel
Mary Bennet – Jared Olin
Lydia Bennet – Jessica Reed
Mr. Bennet – Michael Shaeffer
Mrs. Bennet – Paloma Polanco
Charles Bingley – Jared Olin
Caroline Bingley – Flyn Ludington
Charlotte Lucas – Kellie Bernstein
Mr. Collins – Steven Anderson
George Wickham – Charles Wolgemuth
Lady Catherine DeBourgh – Siri Tuttle
Anne DeBourgh – Paloma Polanco
Servant – Adam Gillette
Director – Rebecca George 
Scenographer & Video Editor – Kade Mendelowitz
Costume Design – Amanda Casterline
Sound Design – Flyn Ludington & Cody Peters
Dialect Coach – Carrie Baker
Producer – Carrie Baker and Kade Mendelowitz
Choreographer – Jay Paggi-Howe
Stage Manager – Mahala Gale
Props Master & Scene Shop Manager – Adam Gillette
Costume Shop Manager- Stephanie Rivet
Audio/Video Technical Support – Maya Salganek


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

“Despite these limitations, to produce a play as elaborate as a virtual “Pride and Prejudice” during the pandemic is an absolute achievement.”
Read the full review (pdf).

“This isn’t your grandmother’s Austen! Bold, surprising, boisterous, and timely, this P&P for a new era explores the absurdities and thrills of finding your perfect (or imperfect) match in life. The outspoken Lizzy Bennet is determined to never marry, despite mounting pressure from society. But can she resist love, especially when that vaguely handsome, mildly amusing, and impossibly aggravating Mr. Darcy keeps popping up at every turn?! Literature’s greatest tale of latent love has never felt so theatrical, or so full of life than it does in this effervescent adaptation. Because what turns us into greater fools…than the high-stakes game of love?”

Dramatists Play Service

Poster for SKM

She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms

Review by the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

by Qui Nguyen
directed by Tom Robenolt

December 4-12, 2020
Was available for streaming after the purchase of a “viewing link”.

Narrator & Farrah the Fairy – Flyn Ludington
Tilly Evans – Emily Ross
Agnes Evans – Josie Adasiak 
Chuck – Luke Williams
Vera – Paloma Polanco
Miles – Jared Olin
Kaliope/Kelly – Melissa Buchta
Lilith/Lilly – Melia Hackney
Orcus/Ronnie – Charles Wolgemuth
The Great Mage Steve – Zachary Mason
Evil Tina – Miranda Reynolds
Evil Gabbi – Sarah Wallace
Director – Tom Robenolt
Producer/ Casting Associate: Carrie Baker
Scenographer & Animation/Visual Effects Designer – Kade Mendelowitz
Costume Designer – Amanda Casterline
Props Designer – Adam Gillette
Sound Designer – Flyn Ludington 
Video Editor- Kade Mendelowitz
Assistant Video Editors- Maya Salganek, Mahala Gale
Assistant Scenography – Maya Salganek  
Stage Manager – Mike Kampen 
Assistant Stage Managers – Steven Anderson, Jared Olin
Scene Shop Manager – Adam Gillette
Costume Shop Manager- Stephanie Rivet
Trailer for Theatre UAF’s production of She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms, edited by Mahala Gale.

A short film by Kade Mendelowitz
Premiered November 2, 2019

“A Night for Conversation” is the story of William and Julia, a young married couple who seem to have it all: a nice home, a good income and a beautiful daughter. But there is a dark and unhappy side to the family – and Julia soon finds herself trapped in an emotional and physically abusive relationship, fearing for her life.

“A Night for Conversation” – full movie, 38 minutes.
Executive Producer
Kade Mendelowitz
Kade Mendelowitz
Kade Mendelowitz
Maya Salganek
Pete Van Nort
Sam Thompson
A Night for Conversation poster
Production Poster
Dr. Rita
Father Gengulphus
Jude (Supervisor)
Diana 1
Diana 2
Pub Waitress
Bar Patrons
On Date
Bar Patron
Mary Conlin
Darren Napoli
Jared Olin
Skyler Borane
Eric Barragan
Nicole Cowans
Nadia Nelson
Adam Gillette
Kellie Bernstein
Sam Thompson
Peter Van Nort
Kaiya Gillette
Ana Vas
Kate Casterline
Heli Valkama
Chris Garber-Slaght,
Frank Chythlook
& Emily Ross
Freddy Gryder

Interviews with the cast, behind the scenes featurettes.

Mary Conlin plays Julia

Darren Napoli plays William

Nicole Cowans plays Brenda

2 minutes with Writer / Director
Kade Mendelowitz

Behind the Scenes making
“A Night for Conversation”

Trailer – 30 seconds
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Credits continue

Director of Photography Mika McCrary
Production Designer Keara Anderson
Production Designer Keziah Anderson
Editor Mackyle Bogachoff
CGI & Post Prod. Supervisor Kade Mendelowitz
Costume Designers Stephanie Rivet & Lara Lotze
Casting Director Carrie Baker, SAG-AFTRA
First Assistant Director Kyleigh Huntsman
Second Assistant Director Luke Alexander Williams
Story Editor Sam Thompson
Assistant Story Editors Keziah Anderson, Andrew Glynn
Make-Up & Hair Lara Lotze
Assistant Make-Up Artists Amanda Casterline, Keara Anderson, Keziah Anderson
A Camera Operator Andrew Glynn
1st Assistant Camera Daniel Montague
2nd Assistant Camera Sam Thompson
B Camera Operator Pete Van Nort
C Camera Operator Josh Chavez
Digital Imaging Tech, Stills Ian Borowski
Sound Mixer John Huynh
Boom Operator Fischer Knapp
Utility Sound Heli Valkama
Second Sound Zong Moua
Script Supervisor Kelsey Nore
Assistant Script Supervisor Kelsey Charlie
Art Dept. Coordinators Keara Anderson
Art Dept. Coordinators Keziah Anderson
Prop Maker Keara Anderson
Prop Maker Keziah Anderson
Art Assistants David Anderson, Adam Gillette
Prop Graphic Designers Mika McCrary, Sam Thompson, Heli Valkama
Gaffer Daniel Walker (XLVII)
Chief Lighting Tech Colby Freel
Key Grip Garrett Wilson
G & E PA Zach Locklear
Location Manager Chris Garber-Slaght
Key Set PA Eric Barragan
Set PA Chris Garber-Slaght
EPK, BTS Interviews, Website Pete Van Nort
EPK, BTS & Additional Stills Ian Borowski, Josh Chavez
Production Office Coord. Amanda Casterline
“3 Seasons Grace” – Josh Eagle (ASCAP)
“My Blue Trick” – Stephen Landon & Joseph Michael McGregor (BMI)
“Centerline” – Kevin Harris (ASCAP)
“Change in Time” – Mark Chosak (BMI)
“Waltz For Josie” – Evelyne Datl (SOCAN)
“Down Home Funk” – Stephen Landon & Joseph Michael McGregor (BMI)
“Carol of the Bells” – Peter Wilhousky – (Digital Juice)
“The Little Drummer Boy” – Katherine Kennicott Davis – (Royal Rites)
“No Life” – Josquin des Pres, Nova Page & Fabien Renoult (BMI)
“Find The Way Home” – Jean Baptiste Bocle (ASCAP)
“Night Watch” – Jack Waldenmaier (BMI)
“Abandoned ” – Pierre Gerwig Langer (SESAC)
“Investigation” – Pierre Gerwig Langer (SESAC)
“Warning Signs” – Steve Skinner (BMI)
“No Life” – Josquin des Pres, Nova Page & Fabien Renoult (BMI)
Special Thanks
David Anderson
Botanical Gardens – UAF – Matthew Carrick and Katie Dikristina
Colville House – UAF Facilities Services
Hess Village Playground – Robin Johnson
Tanya Mendelowitz
Multimakers Multimedia
UAF Bowling Alley – Ryan Keele
UAF Clinic – Dr. BJ Aldrich
UAF Pub – Michael Willis
UAF Pub Parking – Sharon Dunham, Edward Tinajero
Chancellor Daniel M. White

Dead Man’s Cell Phone

Dead Man's Cell Phone official poster
Dead Man’s Cell Phone official poster

Dead Man’s Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl directed by Carrie Baker
March 29 – April 7, 2019

Jean – Emily Ross
Gordon – Heath Robertson
Dwight – Jared Olin
Mrs. Gottlieb – Siri Tuttle
Hermia/Stranger/Carlotta – Mary Conlin
Ensemble – Keara Anderson, Keziah Anderson, Eric Barragan, Sam Thompson

Director  – Carrie Baker
Set Designer – Lara Lotze
Costume Designer – Amanda Casterline
Lighting & Projection Designer – Kade Mendelowitz
Sound Designer – Andrew Cassel
Stage Manager – Colby Freel

This promotional video was created by two FLPA students who were also part of the production.