Theatre Practicum Technical

Theatre Practicum Technical
Since no structured teaching takes place within the practicum format, the primary objectives are to develop previously acquired skills through participating in producing theatre and to develop new skills through on-the-job training in the production process.
The student may choose one of the following areas in which to concentrate his/her work or may combine two or more of these areas (as agreed upon in consultation with unit heads);

1. Scenery 2. Properties
a. construction and finishingb. running crew a. building and acquisitions
b. running crew
3. Lighting 4. Costumes
a. hanging and focusingb. running crew a. construction, hair dressing
b. wardrobe mistress & running crew
c. makeup crew
5. Sound 6. Publicity, Box Office, House Management
a. creating and recording
b. running crew
Job description available at box office
7. Production Staff
a. stage management
        39 Minimum hours for earning 1 credit;
        78 Minimum hours for earning 2 credits;

117 Minimum hours for earning 3 credits.

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The student must keep a time sheet and accurately record the number of hours completed on a regular basis. Each Running Crew position is equal to 1 credit of practicum. Since production work is seasonal, the student is reminded that the approach of production deadlines often demand a more concentrated use of time; a written schedule will be maintained, keeping in mind that the hours cannot be completely equally spaced throughout the semester. If a student does not complete the required number of hours for registered credits, (s)he may receive an unsatisfactory or failing grade for the course. Student commitment and quality of work, as well as the student’s attitude towards learning will be examined upon the assignment of grades.