Planning Period
1.    Become thoroughly familiar with the play.
2.    Attend all Production Meetings.
3.    Review the light plot with the Lighting Designer until you are as familiar with the plans as (s)he is.
4.    Schedule work sessions and post light-crew calls on the Call Board.
5.    Become familiar with the operation of the Control board.
6.    Know where all theatre circuit breakers are located and the general areas they control.

Technical Rehearsals
1.    Attend all technical rehearsals.
2.    Be prepared to make immediate changes (or receive notes about changes to be made later) on any work you may have previously done or additional work that you may be asked to do.
3.    Be prepared to take over the duties of the Control board Operator in an emergency.

1.    Check in with the Stage Manager at least one hour before curtain and check each light for power and for proper electrical and artistic characteristics.  Repair any trouble that may exist.
2.    Stand by to trouble shoot during the show if necessary.