Planning Period
1.    Become thoroughly familiar with the play.
2.    Attend all Production Meetings
3.    Make a chart showing which actors are in which scenes in the play.
4.    Make this chart available to the Assistant Costume Designer.
5.    In consultation with the Director, compile a complete list of costumes and accessories demanded by the script or by the Director.
6.    Know what your entire costume budget is, and how much you must allow for laundry costs.
7.    Make rough sketches and get Director’s approval on style and interpretation before proceeding.
8.    Make finished color sketches with material swatches, if possible, and get Director’s final approval.
9.    Provide all necessary working drawings for the construction crew and cutter.
10.    Plan the construction of costumes, and make crew assignments.

Working Period
1.    Attend earliest run-throughs to become familiar with actors’ movements and business.
2.    Check with the Director or Stage Manager for the need for quick costume changes and prepare for such.  Notify the Head of Wardrobe of same.
3.    Select and purchase fabric, accessories and other needed items.
4.    Confer with the Head of Special Effects in the event costumes figure in his/her effects.
5.    Attend all final fittings.

Dress Parade, Dress Rehearsals
1.    Attend Dress Parade and all Dress Rehearsals.
2.    Take notes on costume adjustments and relay information to the Head of Wardrobe as soon as possible.
3.    Make any changes in costumes up to but not after the final Dress Rehearsal.