Planning Period
1.    Become thoroughly familiar with the play.  Obtain a copy of the script for you and your crew’s use from the Director.
2.    Attend initial Production Meeting for Director’s interpretation and wishes and blocking rehearsals or run-though.
3.    Obtain the inventory list of all lighting instruments from the Technical Director.
4.    Examine a blue-print of the ground plan for the set and sectional if necessary.
5.    Obtain a copy of the circuit plot.
6.    Examine existing mounting positions and any possibilities of new additional ones.

Working Period
1.    Attend blocking rehearsals or run-though to observe actors’ movement.
2.    Make complete light plot which contains:

  •     Breakdown of stage into numbered (or lettered) light areas and specials.
  •     Mounting positions of each instrument.
  •     Outlet number into which it is connected (or space for the electrician to notate this).
  •     The area into which it is to be focused.
  •     Type of instrument and wattage of lamp.
  •     Color media type and number.
  •     Special accessories or alteration of instrument.
  •     Power patch interconnections plan.
  •     Instrument schedule filled out.
  •     An indication on tracking sheets of which dimmers are used in each scene / cue.

3.    Meet deadline for completing plot.
4.    Go over complete plans with the Master Electrician until (s)he understands the light plot as thoroughly as you do.
5.    Attend focusing session and either focus lights yourself or supervise the work of others.
6.    With the entire light crew and the Director, set tentative light levels before technical rehearsals.

Technical Rehearsals
1.    Attend all technical rehearsals.
2.    With the Director’s approval, direct subtle changes or nuances that might occur in lighting levels, speed of changes, timing of cues, etc.
3.    Observe color effects of colored lights on color of set, costumes and make-up to ensure enhancement of them.
4.    Make whatever changes you and the Director deem necessary up to but not including the last dress rehearsal.