Open tryouts are held for each production. All Acting Emphasis Theatre Majors are required to participate in the morning audition workshop at the beginning of each semester. Audition Announcements are posted in the theatre office and the S.D.A. Bulletin Board. Posters and newspaper articles are also used to publicize the name, times, and dates of the plays.

The procedure for auditions is as follows: An audition appointment sign-up sheet will be posted at the Box Office so students can sign up for a specific audition time. At this time, audition information forms will be available for students to take and fill out – these will be collected at or by the audition. Upon arriving at the designated audition location (usually the theatre or Green Room), the student will submit the information form and a recent copy of their Resume. The student will then perform a monologue for the directors of all the productions that semester.

Depending on the director, actors will be asked to perform a monologue or read from the script. Sometimes callbacks are required.
For musicals, students should check with the director of the play for specific requirements. Typically, students are expected to come to auditions prepared to sing a song of his/her own choosing. Everyone is to provide his or her own music, and may select an accompanist – though one will be provided by the Theatre Department.

Were you looking for current Audition Information? That’s available here.
This is the Department’s policy on auditions.