Borrowing Practices

1. Properties belonging to Theatre UAF will be checked out only at specified times during the week and only by the Technical Director or appointed personnel.
2. Furniture and properties will not be loaned to faculty, staff, or students for personal use in their homes or apartments.
3. Tools may occasionally be loaned out for private use overnight or for short periods of time during the day if (1) they are not needed by shop personnel at that time and (2) they are checked out with the Technical Director personally. No one else has the authority to check out tools or equipment of any sort unless the Theatre Technical Director so delegates authority. Any individual checking out tools or equipment assumes the responsibility of returning each item in the same or better condition than when they picked it up. Borrowers will be held liable for payment or replacement in like kind if items are lost or broken.
4. A rental fee will be charged for any piece of stage equipment borrowed by any other organization at the standard rental fee of 10% of the purchase price per week with a minimum charge of one week rental.