Organization Chart

UAF Department of Theatre & Film: Theatre Production Organization Chart

What follows in chart form is a Table or Organization for productions sponsored by Theatre UAF. This may be extended or condensed or jobs combined depending on prevailing conditions and complexity of a show. This is, then, the chain of personnel through which orders and information should flow.

Dean of the School of the College of Liberal Arts

Department Chair


Assistant Director

Movement coach

Voice coach


    Musical Director

        Orchestra Leader

            Pit Musicians

        Backstage Musicians
Onstage Musicians



Theatre Technical Director

Technical Director

Assistant Technical Director

Scene Designer

    Assistant Designer
Head of Paint Crew

Lighting Designer

    Head Electrician

        Light crew
Floor Electricians

    Control board Operator
Follow spot Operator

Head of Properties

    Property crew

Head of Sound

    Sound board Operator

Set Construction Crew

Head of Special Effects

    Special Effects Crew

Stage Manager

    Assistant Stage Manager

Fly person

Theatre Costumer

Costume Designer

    Assistant Costume Designer

        Costume Crew
Wardrobe Head

            Wardrobe Crew

        Make-up Head

            Make-up crew

        Wig Master or Hair Stylist

Business Manager

Box Office Manager

        Box Office Crew
House Manger


Publicity Manager

    Publicity Coordinator

        Publicity Crew