Theatre Majors

Theatre Majors are expected to attend a performance of each UAF production. To aid in this; all majors are allowed One Complimentary ticket to each Theatre UAF production. These are available at the box-office two weeks before a show opens. In addition, students are allowed to attend the final preview at no cost. Student I.D. Is Required! Please see section on Complimentary tickets.
Majors with an Acting Emphasis are required to audition at the beginning of each semester for All Productions that semester. Auditions will be posted. Please read the Audition Section in this handbook.
Majors with a Technical Emphasis are required to exhibit their portfolios at the beginning of each semester. The exhibition will be posted. Please read the Portfolios Section in this handbook.
Theatre Majors are required to fully read and understand this manual / handbook.
The program in Theatre is structured to familiarize students with the theory and practice applicable to all aspects of theatrical production. With a variety of career options open to theater majors, the program’s coupling of classroom study with a substantial schedule of productions is designed to prepare the student pursuing the major or minor for employment or further education. In addition, theatre classes and productions are open to the participation of all students and provide unique opportunities for creative expression and development when coupled with other programs. Students pursuing a major or minor in theatre are encouraged to work closely with a theatre faculty member in arranging their individual program of study, including courses in related disciplines.
See Production Participation Requirement and Mandatory General Meeting sections.