School faculty, staff and theatre majors will all cooperate in maintaining prudent security practices.  Office doors will be kept locked when offices are unoccupied; strangers who are thought to be trespassing or handling Theatre UAF equipment will be politely queried; actions observed which are thought to be inconsistent will be reported to the Technical Director, Chair, or Security.

It is noted that loss or destruction of Theatre UAF property is not recoverable.  It is the policy to carry no insurance on most equipment.  The entire School and its programs suffers when equipment is lost, stolen or destroyed.  Therefore all members of Theatre UAF – you who are reading this – are urged to safeguard materials, tools, equipment, costumes, furnishing and fixtures.

The fact that there are over a dozen doors into the auditorium-stage-area alone that need locking should make it apparent that we cannot have doors open at will and still have protection.