Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland poster 1920Lewis Carrolls’ Classic Story
Adapted for the stage by William Glennon & Kade Mendelowitz
October 15 – 24, 1999

AliceTiffany Ayers
Amanda Boone
Tiffany Guinn
Diana Williams
White RabbitRobert Barringer
Wes Carscaddon
Leah Lipka
Will Nash
MouseBriana Doering
TweedledumBen Thompson
TweedledeeMatthew Torkelson
Mad HatterTelo Walden
March HareMoe O’Connel
DormouseThomas Edwards
CaterpillarMichael Karoly
Cheshire CatTiffany Ayers
CardJohn Doore
Queen of HeartsTracy Campbell
King of HeartsShannon Luster
Knave of HeartsNatalie Neubauer
Cast (Listed in order of appearance)
Alice in Wonderland playbillPress ArticleReview of the production
Alice in Wonderland playbillPress ArticleReview of the production

    Production Crew

  • Stage Manager: Kelley Stables
  • Poster Photographs & Design: Kade Mendelowitz
  • Department Coordinator: Jason Chapman
  • Ticket Sales: Amber McKinney, Fawn Solimon
  • House Manager: Shannon Lee Colburn
  • Technical Director: Kade Mendelowitz
  • Assistant Technical Director: Leighton Nunez
  • Crew Supervisors: Jeff Forrest, Kelley Stables
  • Scene Shop Crew: Michael Karoly, Katherine Lewis
  • Tree Paintings for Tweedle’s Scene: Wes Carscaddon, Shannon Colburn, Michael Karoly, Kate Koehler-Platten, Katherine Lewis, Gary Maynard, Ben Thompson, Eric Wyatt
  • Mushroom Painter: Jessica Beck
  • Costume Shop Manager: Lorraine Pettit
  • Dresser & Makeup Crew: Nicole Ulen
  • Costume Construction: Tiffany Ayers, Aeron Henderson, Kelley Stables, Diana Williams and the students of THR 254