458 SFX Up Your Video

FLM 458 SFX Up Your Video        Kade Mendelowitz

Film 458 – Tuesday/Thursday 2:00pm-3:30, 3 credits

Spring Semester 2013 University of Alaska Fairbanks. E-mail: KMendelowitz@alaska.edu


FLM 290, FLM 271 or 280; or permission of instructor. Cross-listed with JRN F458

Course Reading: (Required Text)

Adobe After Effects CS6 Classroom in a Book by the Adobe Creative Team
ISBN-10: 0321822439

Course Materials: (Required)

External Hard Drive, with at least 250GB available for this course exclusively.  USB 2 or USB 3 recommended.

Course Description:

An exploration into adding Special Effects to your video projects.

Course Goals:

Students will learn how to design and implement the use of Special Effects into their video projects.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Shooting and editing “green screen”
  • Adding complex title sequences
  • Creating a personal logo animation
  • Learn the basics of color grading
  • Developing a unique DVD menu design

Instructional Method:

This is primarily a lecture/demonstration course.  We will discuss how to develop an effect plan, design the appropriate effect, and use the tools which will allow us to create the effect.  Sometimes that will include studio (TV studio) production work, but mostly we’ll be editing in the media lab.

Digital component:

You will be expected (aka: requirement) to have a UAF e-mail account with Blackboard access.  Even if you do not use this address as your primary e-mail account, you should set it as a forward to the address of your choosing.

Course Policies:

M Class attendance and participation is expected.  After two unexcused absences, your grade will be affected.  Assignments are due the date assigned during class; late assignments will be accepted up to two weeks late at a reduction of 3 points per day (not per class)…get your assignments done in a timely fashion!

Grading & Evaluation:

This course will be graded including +/- values

Because attendance is expected; only absences affect your grade (in a negative way).  You are not rewarded for ‘just showing up’…be warned.

Note: If you are taking this as a Film Major Requirement (very likely) any final grade less than a “C” (including C-) will be considered unacceptable as a graduation requirement, and you will need to retake the course.

Rough Logo Project                                5%

Logo Project Complete                             20%

Green Screen Project                               15%

Menu Design                                      10%

Project Integration                                 15%

Participation                                      10%

Final Project DVD menu, logo integration, reel demo     25%