The Ash Girl

Ash Girl Poster“The Ash Girl”

Written by Timberlake Wertenbaker
Directed by Brian EG Cook

Presented by the UAF Department of Theatre & Film April 17-26, 2015


  • Carrie Baker as Sadness
  • Kellie Bernstein as Gluttontoad
  • Melissa Buchta as Fairy
  • Molly Cable as Mouse 3
  • Elsbeth Cheyne as Slothworm
  • Amelia Cooper as Greedmonkey
  • Nicole Cowans as Ashgirl
  • Leilani Eames as Mouse 1
  • Freddy Gryder as Envysnake
  • Marley Horner as Prince Amir
  • Cynthia Jones as Angerbird
  • Brian Kerley as Man in the Forest
  • Katrina Kuharich as Ruth
  • Jessica MacLeod as Stepmother
  • Sambit Misra as Paul
  • Nancy Nguyen as Judith
  • Charlotte Phillips as Mouse 2
  • Ariana Polanco as Princess Zehra
  • Paloma Polanco as Owl
  • Mallory Smyth as Pridefly
  • Sierra Trinchet as Lust
  • Ethan Whitfield as Otter

Production Team

  • Director and Scenic Designer: Brian Cook
  • Costume Designer: Bethany Marx
  • Lighting Designer: Kade Mendelowitz
  • Sound Designer: Chris John George
  • Stage Manager: Ian Buoncore